Qty. of PVC Aadhaar Card
Price for cards @ Rs. 20 Each   
Packing and Shipping Charges   
Handling and other charges   
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Longer card life that it can't rub, it can't break.

About Us

AadhaarSmartCard.com is an online portal offering Aadhaar Smart Card printing service at doorstep to every Indian Citizen who has enrolled for Aadhaar Card. A copy of Aadhaar Card is printed on PVC Plastic Card (Smart Card).

Aadhaar Smart Cards are portable in nature; individual can conveniently carry it like an ATM card, which easily gets fits in Wallet too. Nowadays, Smart cards are in use as a replacement for laminated paper printed card. Aadhaar Smart Card functioning is similar to Paper Printed e-Aadhaar document.


100% Premium Quality Card | 100% Safety Guaranteed | 100% Quick Delivery

Carry Easily

Plastic Aadhar Card is easy to carry because it is soft, flexible and weightless.

Water Resistant

Plastic aadhaar card is water resistant because it has capacity to replace rubber.

Life Long

Plastic Aadhaar Card has long life because it has high quality and it is durable.

E-Aadhaar Copy on PVC Plastic Card @ Rs. 20.00  ** per card.

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Qty. of PVC Aadhaar Card
Price of cards @ Rs. 20 Each 60  
Packing and Shipping Charges 200  
Handling and other Charges 46.8  
Payment Gateway Charge 7.24  
Total 314